Wendy & Hylton Appelbaum

“Cape Classics is family, our big loving family of whom we are proud to be a member. Like all families, they offer guidance and constructive criticism, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on.

Cousin Rob can always be relied upon to know the best books worth reading, the finest braai techniques (for an American) and a different way of looking at life. Sister Molly nurtures and protects us all, whilst living life to the fullest,. Cousin Maryellen is the repository of knowledge about where to eat and naturally there’s Brother Andre.

Andre is care, commitment and passion. His devotion to education, concern for development, love for South Africa, the US, and France is inspirational. Andre, the Renaissance Man, loves people and is interested in everything.

Ultimately an organization’s culture grows out of the quality of those who make it – who live, love, breathe and bleed. Cape Classics is the sum of the extraordinary characters who make it and who embrace the world.

Wendy and Hylton”

<em><strong>– Wendy & Hylton Appelbaum, DeMorgenzon</strong></em>

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