John Roenigk

“Well, it’s the people, like André Shearer in the first place, who is always a joy to see in our world and whose outlook and perspective on things is always a pleasure to take in. Then, he seems also to hire wonderful folks such as Robert Bradshaw, Elizabeth Bray and Jaree Freeman and Jared Guzick, who all have worked with us in an enthusiastic, straightforward and ethical way and tirelessly promoted to help make us successful with the wines. But then, importantly, Cape Classics and their producers have always also represented a very high level of quality. So that having been introduced to the wines, our clients do in fact come back for the 2nd, 3rd and perhaps the umpteenth bottle of the same. This cannot be underestimated. And the producers seem most always to work at a minimum in a sustainable agricultural way. And the company also espouses good citizen of the world practices in their procurement, sales and marketing. And then, the consistency of approach is appreciated as well. You all have continually prioritized us as a client.”

– John Roenigk, The Austin Wine Merchant

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