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Cape Classics Blog
August 4, 2014

Contemplating what to serve for a ‘feast from the sea’ dinner party? Or what to sip while enjoying a seafood smorgasbord out? It can be mind-boggling pinpointing one bottling that will enhance your seafood of choice, while at the same time running the gamut of options available at the table. Here we offer a few of our favorite seafood and wine pairings for inspiration, identifying wines that not only enhance the select dish, but also work wonders with a medley.

Oysters - From East Coast to West Coast, oysters are a popular delicacy most often enjoyed raw. Small or large, briny or sweet, oysters offer unique profiles and flavors based on appellation - just as wines are unique to terroir. After slurping down this meaty mollusk, refresh your palate with a glass of Beyond Sauvignon Blanc. From the Constantia region of South Africa, Beyond is an ideal sipper with oysters from sea to sea. Crafted by Sauvignon specialist Buitenverwachting, Beyond is approachable yet refined, offering melon, gooseberry and herbal notes. Plus, it’s a tremendous value, saving you dollars to splurge arrays of oysters.

Spicy Tuna Roll - Bring on the heat, serve up the Chenin! Ease the spiciness from wasabi and sriracha with Raats Original Chenin Blanc. Crafted without the use of any oak in order to preserve the wine’s “original” character, Raats is packed with vibrant stone fruit flavors and subtle notes of ginger and orange blossom that are fitting for Japanese cuisine. The wine’s tangy minerality adds a pleasing element to often bland rice.

Lobster - The dense yet delicate meatiness of steamed lobster with drawn butter begs for an opulent white wine that is well-rounded. Glenelly Grand Vin Chardonnay is our go-to as it has complex aromas of marmalade and melon, with hints of toasted almond and vanilla from soft oak aging. Its minerality cuts through the meat and dipping butter, while its creamy texture doesn’t wash away the subtle taste of ocean water, but dances nicely together on the palate.