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Cape Classics Blog
April 17, 2014

Clos du Gaimont is a parcel of the esteemed Clos de Nouys vineyard, situated on a plot of premium land in the heart of Vouvray. Winemaker François Chainier purchased Clos du Gaimont’s vineyards in 1997 and has become a pioneer in sustainable farming, being the first to employ green practices in the area. Vineyards are maintained according to a sustainable agriculture philosophy, keeping the overall ecosystem in mind. The Chenin Blanc grapes are hand harvested with great care taken from vine to cellar.

Fun Fact: A 'clos' is an 'enclosed vineyard', referring to a wall that now, or at one time, surrounded vines. While most of Clos du Gaimont's original wall has fallen down, a small section still borders the vineyard.