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Cape Classics Blog
July 1, 2014

June of 2014 saw the introduction Le Roi des Pierres wines by Cape Classics. From the Loire Valley region of France, the brand is currently comprised of two varietals produced in the commune of Sancerre, a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir-based Rosé. Translated as “King of Stones” the name Le Roi des Pierres pays homage to the Loire Valley's royal history and unique terroir.

From the 10th century onwards, kings and queens have called the Loire Valley home. The brand name also ties in silex’s designation as “the king of all stones.” There are three soil types found in Sancerre, terres blanches, caillottes, and silex - Le Roi des Pierre’s Sancerre is crafted from silex, the rarest of the three, representing only 15% of the soil. Silex is composed of flint over a clay and limestone base and has proven to produce distinctive wines with an extraordinary ability to age. Le Roi des Pierres Sancerre Rosé, 100% Pinot Noir, stems from chalky, clay soils, a combination of terres blanches and caillottes terroir.

Le Roi des Pierres Sancerre - Intense aromas of grapefruit and tropical fruit on the nose guide to a mouth feel that is both round and velvety. This powerful, smooth and fleshy wine is balanced by the natural acidity of the silex soils. Grapefruit and lychee notes back the long, luxurious finish.

Le Roi des Pierres Sancerre Rosé - Showcasing a lovely salmon color, this rosé displays intense notes of red berries, yellow peach and plum. The palate offers an exquisite balance of red fruits and a very elegant thread of minerality on the finish, making this wine a fresh and versatile match for an array of seasonal selections.